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About Us

Monday – Saturday  8am – 6 pm 
Company Owner - Nicolas Abbe

Spruce Landscaping offers;

         Landscaping Consultation, Landscape Design & Planting Plan ,

         Local Maintenance, Professional Arborists, Paver and Wall Construction


 Landscaping is a self selling service by offering an increased curb appeal, raising home value and beautiful outdoor space. Spruce Landscaping is licensed and insured to protect our employees and homeowners property from any risks or dangers that may be involved in the project. With our well trained Crew we ensure an amazing experience with all services we provide and go beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction. Lawn Maintenance, Tree Removal, Pavers, Retaining walls and Professional Landscape Designing, if you have a big problem that seems overwhelming, We can get it done in a professional manner and ensure beautiful landscaping. Call the Professionals! 

Spruce Landscaping LLC is a business which began in September 2021 as a sole proprietor called Greenline improvement. My intention with the business was to provide more to the community then I was taking, I visioned a cleaner future for Flint, Mi. This led to the establishment of the LLC entity in January of 2023, using the time as a sole proprietor to get the word out and gain equipment assets. When first starting the business I had an electric leaf blower, a hedge trimmer and an old push mower, all worth about $100. The business is built on a firm foundation and only offers a handful of services to keep projects simple and similar.

Spruce Landscaping is committed to high-quality, professional services at competitive prices while still respecting our profit margins. We offer a wide range of bed mulch and rock to Match your landscape and use locally grown native plants to decorate. Each customer should not be upset with the material or confused before starting the project. Each Project is designed and has been well thought out by our office and field professionals. Our Arborist performance is highly effective on high risk and time consuming projects. Everything flows smoothly and effectively in the field and office.

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